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When concrete is freshly poured, the water in the concrete mixture evaporates as it dries, causing cracks known as plastic shrinking. Basecrete is an excellent material for repairing cracks in these types of concrete structures. It does not shrink upon curing, so a crack that has been filled with Basecrete will stay tight. Exposer to extreme heat, like the sun, can cause concrete to split and expand pushing against anything that lies in its way. It is also known to crack from freezing temperatures. The superior adhesion of Basecrete ensures the new patch will stay put in the crack even under the most extreme weather and movement.

waterproofing inground pool basecrete

How it works overtime

Overtime concrete is known to shift and develop cracks. If a crack develops and is not taken care of, it can tend to expand and weaken the concrete overtime. Basecrete bonds with the existing concrete and creates a waterproof seal that works hard to ensure the moisture does not penetrate into its surface and it stays mended for years to come. 

waterproof concrete sealer

Over the course of a year as the ground expands and shrinks, concrete is known to lift or settle with ground movement causing large fractures throughout the surface. Using basecrete’s slab stitch the fractures can be stitched together and then patched giving new life to an old concrete slab. Concrete is a strong surface but even then, it can only allow a certain amount of weight before it bends and breaks. Basecrete patches these hairline fractures that show up when the concrete has been under too much stress.