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Providing concrete waterproofing solutions!


The market’s premier waterproofing membrane and bondcoat; specifically formulated to protect against water in all of its forms.

Basecretes unique all-in-one formula combines PSI, shear bond, tensile, adhesion, and flexibility to give your pool reliability. We makes pools waterproof and creates a bond for the pool’s final decorative finish of your choice, such as plaster or tiles.

Our waterproofing products are specially designed to protect exterior concrete and decking surfaces against weather damage, UV radiation, and general wear and tear from pedestrian traffic and other impacts. Additionally, our concrete waterproofing products offer excellent protection in industries where surfaces experience heavy shock, impact, high temperatures, or exposure to chemicals.

Bridges are built in a variety of areas where the topography, ground conditions, or other existing structures and developments are unsuitable for conventional pathways, roads or railway construction. Therefore, bridges are found in the most challenging, exposed environments. Basecrete adds strength to these bridges which allows them to remain in place and stand the test of time.


Stucco is a siding material made of cement, aggregates, bindings, and water. Applied in thin coats, stucco can last between 50-80 years. However, the siding will crack as foundation settles, and shifts. Overtime stucco will develop hairline cracks, but by applying Basecrete on top of your stucco, it creates a durable sealant to protect against the cracks and settling associated with a standard stucco finish.


As building codes constantly are improving, balconies are expected to meet the new guidelines. With a cure time ranging between 24-48 hours, Basecrete can protect, waterproof, and repair balconies quickly so that the outdoor space is once again up to code and a valuable and useable addition to the space.


Parking garages are essential for helping traffic flows and providing safe spaces for cars in cities. Basecrete offers a clean application and resurfacing services that support color and painted lines, allowing traffic to resume almost immediately after initial application, even trucks and heavier vehicles.


Concrete is prone developing cracks and blemishes as it ages. Basecrete can be used to cover and smooth these cracks. It can also serve as a base for tile work. For even more protection, it can be mixed with different color pigments so there’s no need to have to paint.


Waterproofing is not just for boats. With the right sealant, you can keep your cisterns watertight, as well as protected and dry. The patented Basecrete coating helps decrease the risk of bacteria buildup, allows for easier maintenance tasks to be completed and ensures that cisterns don’t become unusable due to deterioration over time.


Over time concrete work will start to show signs of wear and tear, this can be anything from water damage, heavy traffic, settling foundation, to cracks and chips. Basecrete will bond with the existing concrete to create a waterproof barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating through the different cracks in the concrete ensuring durability and longevity in your concrete structure for years to come.


Basecretes formula is perfectly formulated to ensure that fountains, decorative water features, or any vessel that’s meant for holding water stays leak free and waterproof.  The flexible membrane is also approved for contact with drinking water making it an excellent choice for large reservoirs, dams, and other major fixtures where clean drinking water is a necessity.


Factories and Sea Floors

Salt water can be damaging to concrete overtime, causing it to deteriorate and become susceptible to particles in the water such as pebbles or sand. Our waterproofing bondcoat keeps your underlying concrete safe from these conditions by providing a protective layer that is resistant against salt water and the acids commonly used during manufacturing processes.

Engineering Quality

Basecrete offers a wide range of flexibility to fit any cementitious repair or waterproofing. The bondcoat is formulated for a variety of different application methods; Trowel, Roller, Paintbrush, Squeegee or Spray. It’s been tested and offers amazing Impact, Tensile, Compressive, and Flexural strength, along with unparalleled adhesion. The membrane is also Eco Friendly and safe for contact with drinking water!

What Our Customers

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“Competent professional and above all very available, giving the best advice. In addition, the solutions offered are numerous, innovative and products of high quality. I chose the “basecrete” coating for the renovation of my swimming pool; thanks to the many tips and explanations provided by phone and email, I was able to complete my task and I am very satisfied with the result.”

- Hasenfratz Herve